What's Your Color?


So, what’s your color? It’s almost as if you’re inquiring about someone’s zodiac sign. When it comes to planning your pageant attire, knowing what colors look best on you is crucial.


Go too dark and your clothing will throw black onto your face, which “tends to widen and drop the jawline,” explains Polly Holman, an associate lecturer at the London College of Fashion. Meanwhile, “a color that is too light will throw white up onto your face and make you look washed out.” The darker your eyes, hair, and skin, the bolder you can go. The lighter your natural coloring, the paler and closer to pastels you should go.

So, if you don’t want a winder jaw line or look washed out, let’s get this figured out!


Although skin tones come in a variety of shades, there are two main types: warm and cool. Yellow undertones are found in warm complexions, while pink undertones are found in cool complexions. Though the color of your skin may change depending on how tanned you are, your skin tone will remain consistent.


The arm test is a popular approach to determine if you are “warm” or “cool” in color.


In natural light, examine the underside of your arm. A cool skin tone is defined by a pink or rosy undertone with blue-tinted veins. You have a warm skin tone if you have a golden or apricot undertone with green-tinted veins.

Emily Mariko can tell you more here:

Warm-Toned Skin


A quick checklist to determine if you’re warm-toned:

– You have darker hair (black, dark brown, auburn)

– You have brown or brown-hazel eyes

– You have yellow skin undertones

– Your skin tone is dark or olive hue



Colors to wear if you have warm undertones:

Reds, oranges, rusty tones, creams, and earth tones are all good choices. If you love cool hues, opt for warmer versions of the cool color families like olive, fuchsia, violet and orchid.

Miss Colorado Earth and Miss Air on Queen Connection

From beauty.queensgalore, check out how beautiful Miss Colorado Earth and Miss Earth Air look in their dresses.

Or how about Breanna Myles, Miss Teen USA, in this orange number? Beautiful!

📸 Carlos Velez Studios

Cool-Toned Skin


A quick checklist to determine if you’re cool-toned:

– You have lighter hair (light brown, natural blonde)

– You have grey or blue eyes

– You have pink skin undertones

– Your skin tone is fair or pale



Colors to wear if you have cool undertones:

Blues, purples, greens, and pastels are all good choices for the cool end of the color wheel. Overpowering colors like orange and bright yellow should be avoided as may overpower your beauty.

Wendi Russo always makes great color choices. She tends to lean into a blues and greens which really enhances her natural tones.  📸 @ladycodeofficial

@vippageantry @bqgpromandpageant, @bqgformals, @lisa_opie

According to Stichfix, there are three colors that tend to look good on everyone (yay!) These colors tend to a blend of warm and cool, so that’s why they just work.



Blush is neutral and tends to give a glow.

Breathtaking in blush at Henri’s Cloud Nine.


Do you have a bold personality, then show it off with your wardrobe! Reds can come in different shades, so find one that works best for you.


Ahh, my comfy color. It’s sleek, slimming and tends to always look good on everyone.

Check out these city views in black from JOVANI. Style #05068.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, enhancing your natural beauty by your color is an easy way to pull that off.

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