How to be a Signature Partner on Queen Connection

Perhaps you’ve seen this little guy around…

This is our Signature Partner logo. It means that a specific listing has Queen Connection’s stamp of approval. But don’t jump to conclusions yet. Just because a listing does not have a star, it doesn’t mean they’re not qualified.


As an example, I’ve got loads of experience, been a past state queen, a pageant coordinator and have trained numerous girls, but I don’t have a star by my name. The Signature Partner program is for those that truly make a business out of the pageant world. These individuals or businesses have qualified because:

– They’ve been in business for 5 or more years.

– They have an established website or social media dedicated to their business.

– They have specific contracts for their clientele to sign in return for their talent/goods.


We want everyone who utilizes Queen Connection to have the experience that they’re looking to find. That’s what makes us unique!


If you have any questions on this program or how to be a Signature Partner, let me know!



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