2021 Pageant Trends with Brains and Beauty




As 2021 is wrapping up, what’s been hot? Or not? Beauty and Brains has all the insider knowledge on what’s been popular in pageants and what’s to come.


There’s nothing like a power-suit to give you an extra boost of confidence. Traditional and avant-garde style suits are popping up at national and international pageants. They can easily be dressed up or down given the occasion. With any garment, make sure it is perfectly tailored to your body, so it compliments you in just the right way.

Maureen Montagne Miss Globe Philippines
Styling : @iamolisara

Veronika Smidova Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic

Veronika Smidova, Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic

Suit: @adam_grmolec

Styling: @samdolceofficial


Couture Gowns

Couture gowns are gracing pageant stages on both the national and international levels. From Michael Cinco to Biji La Maison de Couture to Hélcio Couture; their creations are being worn by pageant contestants from around the world. While couture gowns may take a little bit more out of your bank account, they can make for an unforgettable showstopping moment. With that being said, the gown should not overpower you. Instead, it should complement you.

Miss Universe Romania 2020 – Michael Cinco

Photo: @thediarist.ph and @rozenantonio


Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2019Biji La Maison de Couture

Miss Grand Brazil 2020 Hélcio Couture

Miss Grand Brazil 2020 – Hélcio Couture


Custom Walk

Catriona Gray (Miss Universe 2018), Samantha Bernardo (Miss Grand Philippines 2020), Nutnicha Srithongsuk (Miss Intercontinental Thailand 2021) and more have their own signature walks. When developing your own walk, be careful about what and how many special elements you put into it. Depending on the organization you participate in, having a more dramatic walk, or even a standard pageant walk, would not be the best thing. Therefore, do your research about your selected pageant organization and then start developing a walk that represents you and is appropriate for the organization.


One-piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are making a comeback. Miss Universe Philippines, Miss Grand International, and Miss Universe are a few of the pageants that have showcased one-piece swimsuits on stage. Some women do not feel comfortable wearing a bikini on stage and that is okay! The swimsuit competition is supposed to make you feel confident, so wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. After all, as a former judge of Miss Grand Canada, I can tell you that confidence is the most important thing judges look for in the swimsuit competition.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez one piece swimsuit

Beatrice Luigi Gomez



The stereotypical pageant contestant most people think of is no longer the norm. Women of all races, sizes, and backgrounds are chasing after their dreams of becoming a titleholder. Kataluna Enriquez (Miss Nevada USA 2021 and first transgender woman to compete at Miss USA), Anchilee Scott-Kemmis (Miss Universe Thailand 2021), Emma Loney (Miss Oklahoma Earth USA 2021), and Claudia Engelhardt (Miss Virginia USA 2021 contestant) are only some of the ladies shattering the glass ceiling.

Miss Nevada USA, Kataluna Enriquez

Kataluna Enriquez

Emma Loney Miss Illinois

Emma Loney

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis

Photo: @poolookoooooooo

Katherine, Beauty and Brains

Katherine Zeiler

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