Queen Connection connects contestants, coaches, judges, and more in one central location. We are a leading resource for information and brands in the queen industry whether you are involved with pageants, rodeo queens, county fair titles, or anything in between!


We cannot wait to help make that connection to making your dreams come true!

Katie Stien Founder, Queen Connection pageant rodeo queen queenconnection.net
Founder, Queen Connection

Through my experiences of being a past state title holder, coach, pageant coordinator, and my professional career, I’ve seen a need for one central place for contestants to seek help.

When I started out, I think about the people who I first learned from. We had a family friend that did this… and another acquaintance that did that…

Queen Connection connects those dots to coaches, contestants, judges, clothes, clinics, and education all in one place. People from all walks of life have different skills to share and that’s what makes our platform so unique. Queen Connection is for all types of titles: rodeo queens, pageants, specialty titles, and everything in between. And it’s also for those looking to brush up on general professional skills such as interview, resume assistance, and more.

For me, it’s always been more than a title. I’ve learned firsthand what being in this industry does for an individual. It has gotten me jobs, made me more confident, and most importantly, made me a better person.

I look forward to helping you make that Connection to your dream.


Katie Stien is a wife, mom of two boys, meeting expert, pig show regular and cowboy boot aficionado. She is also a past title holder, pageant coordinator of more than 12 years, an agriculture advocate and enjoys helping youth be the best versions of themselves.

Through Katie’s professional and personal career, she saw a need to connect those in the industry; hence how Queen Connection was born.

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