Coach Kate’s coaching experience spans 25 years, resulting in category and local through national title winners, including Miss Rodeo America, Miss Rodeo Canada, Miss Indian Rodeo, Rodeo Queen of Australia, and Miss Teen Rodeo USA. She works virtually with young ladies ages 6 through 26 across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Kate has held nine titles herself, including Miss Rodeo Arizona (3rd Runner-up to Miss Rodeo America), Miss Turquoise Circuit, and Arizona High School Rodeo Queen (4th Runner-Up to National High School Rodeo Queen). She has been honored at the national level for her public speaking and has 20 years of experience as a marketer and writer.

Lil Bird Promotions LLC provides positive, motivational coaching for those preparing for pageants, college scholarships, job applications, speaking competitions, and more. Some of our services include: application preparation; speech writing and presentation; extemporaneous speech development; interview and impromptu question preparation; media and public relations preparation; studying and study methods; wardrobe development and review; poise and appearance; and personal growth. 

We focus on three aspects to coaching: (1) Coaching for Life – the skills and techniques you learn will be applicable beyond the pageant world. (2) Goal Setting – helping you learn to set small goals will assist you in reaching your big goals. (3) Be Your Best Self – Being the best YOU that you can be will allow you to be and feel successful regardless of the outcome. We will provide you with the tools to be your best!

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