Be A Cheese Plate - How to Take Studying to the Next Level

I am unapologetically me. Sometimes…


I want to be that bold, strong, girl-power-type person that has everything roll off my back. But sometimes, that’s just not reality. In fact, I’ve always got this little chirp in the back of my head that feels heavy every time someone has doubt or is not as enthusiastic about something like I am and it stays with me until I feel it’s resolved.


Anyone feel me on this?


Perhaps some of this may come from my upbringing (ugh, don’t get me started there) but I’d say most comes from overall confidence.


How many times has someone told you to have confidence in yourself.  You think just telling someone to have confidence will make them walk stronger or will keep their head up higher? It takes time to build that mind strength. Heck, I’m nearly 40 and work on that daily. As a side note, if you have not read The Purpose Driven Life, I highly recommend.


What I have learned is that there is a little something to remember that can help bring security back and build those confidence blocks back up, whether in your daily life or running for a title.


Besides prayer (which we all need more of), it’s being “over prepared”. Sure, we all study. We look for the right people to learn from (oh hey, Queen Connection). But being over prepared is that feeling when you know whatever someone asks me or whatever question on a test I’m going to get, I got this. It’s that feeling when doubt is taken out of your vocabulary. Call it a mind trick if you will, but as simple an example:


Pageant Girls:

If you’re studying for current events, dive deep into different subjects of those current events. Go into a rabbit hole to memorize hard facts you think nobody else will find.


Rodeo/Agriculture Girls:

As you are memorizing the current Board of Directors, past winners or World Champions, memorize the first to have done that particular thing. Where were they from? What was their score or what unique story is behind it?


I think of it like a charcuterie board (hear me out).

You’re building a gorgeous cheese plate. Think of the variety of color and shape you might see. Everyone is going to have cheese and crackers on the board. But who is going to have that fancy aged Gouda or crackers
from Italy? You are.


If you’re like me and think, lady, whatever. I’m good. I’ve got enough on my plate to worry about besides memorizing some ridiculous year or story behind a story. I’m telling you, having the security of knowing “extra” will not only be good to have in your back pocket for an interview, but it help give you a boost of confidence. It might also make you more memorable.


Trust me.



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Katie Stien

Katie Stien is a wife, mom of two boys, meeting expert, pig show regular and cowboy boot aficionado. She is also a past title holder, pageant coordinator of more than 12 years, an agriculture advocate and enjoys helping youth be the best versions of themselves. Through Katie’s professional and personal career, she saw a need to connect those in the industry; hence how Queen Connection was born.

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