How to Prepare for On Stage Questions

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On stage questions are probably one of the most nerve racking parts of the competition for most contestants.

I get it! You have so many things to worry about: not tripping, the lights, trying not to blank out, and the list goes on from there.

Girl, we’re here to help! Remember, it’s okay to be nervous. In fact, if you’re nervous, it means you care. It’s normal. The key is to work on these tips below so that the nerves don’t completely take over your brain. Here are some ways to help prepare you for on stage questions:

  • Study– One of the easiest ways to feel confident is to study like heck. Have friends, family, coaches, and even teachers ask you questions about current events and issues. The Daily Skimm is a good site for learning the top stories of the day. When practicing with friends, work on giving answers that around are 20-30 seconds long. That will help condition when you’re on stage. 

  • Loosen Up– Before you go on stage, visualize walking perfectly, giving a perfect answer and walking off stage with grace. Next, wiggle. Seriously! Go somewhere out of the way where people won’t think you’re entirely crazy (even if it means going into the bathroom stall). Stretch those arms, do a jumping jack, but overall, make yourself big. By stretching your arms high or wide, you not only get loose, but you make yourself feel confident and powerful.
  • You’re On– Once you get to your place on stage, get in your “queen” stance or sometimes called a T stance. Take a deep breath and hear the question. Not just listen. Hear it in it’s entirely before starting to think. You can always ask to repeat the question as well.
  • Build a Story– Organize your thoughts with a beginning, middle and end. As Alycia Darby says from Win A Pageant, before you speak, 1) organize your answer, 2) tie it to a story or something personal and 3) close with a smile.

Allie with NGM Modeling reminds us when organizing those thoughts, to stay away from regional dialect or slang terms.

On stages questions do not have to be scary. With practice and a positive mindset, you can do anything!  

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Katie Stien

Katie Stien is a wife, mom of two boys, meeting expert, pig show regular and cowboy boot aficionado. She is also a past title holder, pageant coordinator of more than 12 years, an agriculture advocate and enjoys helping youth be the best versions of themselves. Through Katie’s professional and personal career, she saw a need to connect those in the industry; hence how Queen Connection was born.

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