Claim Your Inner Queen with Haley Marie

Haley Marie McCLain Hill, a former Force Support Officer at United States Air Force, NFL Cheerleader and current CEO, shares three tips on how you can grow as a person and make things happen in your life!

Haley Marie TORCH

"Life is such a journey but the journey to being happy and at peace in your own skin is the most important. Be a queen inside and out— love yourself" - Haley Marie

Dear Queens,

Happy September! Cheers to a month full of football, school, and changing weather. I hope you all sit back and take a moment to reflect on your Summer days and begin dreaming about your Fall evenings. 


As ambitious young women, we never fail to impress! Straight A’s, star athletes, fashionistas, and community helpers— we do it all. What can’t we do??


And that is where I challenge you. As a woman who has seen great success in her education, sport, and career— I challenge you to do the following 3 things now that will help you not only be a champion to your community but a queen for yourself:


  • Journal more, genuinely thinking about why you are doing what you do and ask yourself is what you’re doing coming from your heart. You have full control of your own happiness and that comes from making mindful decisions.

Haley Marie McClain Hill TORCH
Haley Marie, Chief Executive Officer & Founder at TORCH Warriorwear

Just Be

  • Know that just because you are amazing at doing certain things just know that you still deserve that same love even when those things stop or you try different things. You are not what you do but who you are and how you treat people.

49ers cheerleader Haley Marie

Prioritize YOU

  • Take time to get to know you! The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Life can throw a lot of distractions at you but always remember to get to know what makes you feel safe, happy and secure. Understand your strengths and your weaknesses and what makes you excited and what drains you! Listen to how you feel when you’re around certain people and certain places. Listen to your body’s reaction to your environment— if it feels calm and happy that’s great! But if you feel restricted and uncomfortable, listen to that too. The more honest you can be with yourself the better relationships and the more fulfilled you will be in life.

These 3 things have helped me grow in so many ways since I was in school. Life is such a journey but the journey to being happy and at peace in your own skin is the most important. Be a queen inside and out— love yourself and you will inspire the world. “



Haley Marie TORCH

Haley Marie McClain Hill

Haley was born in Newport News, VA and raised in Stroudsburg, PA. Her passion for dance, travel, and empowering women and teams has allowed her to travel and experience the world, including cheering in front of 107K fans at Penn State University, professionally dancing in the drop-top stadium for Atlanta Falcons and the 49ers Gold Rush! She has appeared on ESPN, Fox!, Air Force Magazine Publications, and even on international TV channels in Hong Kong, China. Haley has taken on the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur and has created Seek and Set Free, a women's luxury retreat business and TORCH Warrior wear, the first military women's clothing brand specializing in base layer bodysuits women can wear in and out of uniform. She continues to leave a path of more confident and successful women. Her favorite quote is "Be fearless and in the pursuit of what sets your soul of fire" and promises to put her heart into creating an environment that promotes this exact philosophy.

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