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Originally from eastern Iowa, I currently reside in northern Colorado with my husband and two dogs, Jett and Bogey. I am a full-time real estate agent and REALTOR® for the state of Colorado. Prior to this career, I worked in the livery industry, arranging chauffeurs for corporate executives while allowed me the opportunity to travel around the globe for 14 years. I graduated from Benton Community High School (Van Horne, IA) and received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies through the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA). Before moving to Colorado, I have lived in NYC, Philadelphia, and throughout western New Jersey along the Hudson River. I also serve on the Transportation Advisory Board for the city of Loveland. In my free time: my husband and I love to play golf and hit the slopes; hike with our dogs; travel to see family in both Iowa and southern California; cook; cheer on the Hawkeyes, Vikings, and Cubs; take flying lessons to obtain my private pilot license; and explore all that Colorado has to offer. Thank you, Queen Connection, for the experience to join this endeavor and support others trying to win not just a crown, but gain confidence, feel beautiful in their own skin, believe they have purpose, and provide them skills that will make them effective members in the community, state, country, and world.


430 Blue Azurite Ave



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